RE ZRO’s Supermolecule Energy Absorption System protects the end user through the fracture of the molecular bonds under impact, releasing energy through heat and sound, a material behaviour known as shear thinning.

The Supermolecules then recombine immediately after impact, REsetting to ZRO.

Products utilising RE ZRO also benefit from patent-pending impact structures that further enhance the material performance to ensure impressive impact protection in a thin, flexible, and highly breathable protector.


Shear-thinning is a behaviour of Non-Newtonian fluids which serve as the basis for RE ZRO’s materials.

This means that upon impact the material's viscosity decreases (softens) to absorb the impact force ensuring maximum protection in RE ZRO’s thin and lightweight armour. 


All RE ZRO products are tested and certified according to the CE EN-1621 standard for Motorcyclists’ Personal Protective Equipment.

During this testing the parts undergo rigorous impact testing to ensure they are fit for purpose. This standard is also used as a benchmark for protection in the cycling and ski markets.


Recyclability alone is not enough. With global recycling rates at just 13% we needed to find a solution that went a step beyond.

Don’t get us wrong, recycling is incredibly important and so our products are extremely recyclable and we urge all RE ZRO users to correctly dispose of their protectors when the time comes.

However should any RE ZRO products end up in landfill, they will biodegrade in 3-5 years leaving nothing behind, REturning to ZRO.