Warranty Procedure

Our products have been designed and produced with only top quality components. Despite the measures above, the protective features offered are subject to degradation in long term use due to the effect of common environmental conditions.

Due to the many factors that can influence the useful life of the garment, it is impossible to indicate an exact expiry date: above all, the frequency of use and the care with which the garment is stored by the user can be determinants. The protective device must always be placed out of use and replaced whenever it has been evidently damaged or has degraded.

In any case, the protective garment must be replaced after 2 years of use.

Should any problems arise with your Bull-it product within 2 years of purchase, then you are covered by the 2-year product warranty. To resolve any product issues you are experiencing, you should contact the dealer you purchased the product from with proof of purchase (receipt), name/model of the product and images of the product if contacting by email. The dealer may ask for the product back to begin the warranty procedure with ourselves.