Washing and Care

All Bull-it products can be washed, the following care instructions can be applied to all Bull-it clothing.

To wash your Bull-it product, turn the product inside out and remove any pre-installed armour (Elbow/Shoulder/Hips/Back/Knee)

Once installed armour has been removed, wash the Jean/Jacket at 30 degrees, normal cycle and standard detergent. 

After washing is complete leave the product to hang dry. WARNING! avoid tumble drying as this can shrink the product. Product that has been found to have been tumble dried and therefore shrunk will be void of warranty as this is deemed user error.


The shower resistant coating applied to Bull-it products is a chemical product that makes the microfibres of the product stand on end. This barrier of fibres stops water drops from being able to soak into the surface of the product, however this coating will progressively fade with time. To refresh this coating a “Reproofer” kit can be applied, this can be purchased from your local Bull-it dealer.

The “Reproofer” kit is applied to the product through use of a washing machine, instructions of how the process is completed are supplied on the bottles. PLEASE NOTE; this process should only be applied to the 1 product you wish to refresh the shower coating, do not wash multiple garments at the same time.