So, I just got home from spending the last few days in the hospital. Although I'm blacked out as to the events that occurred, from what I understand was that while traveling down I-275 in Detroit at around 73 mph at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, a drunk driver heading in the opposite direction quickly drove through the emergency vehicle turnaround and without stopping, proceeded into my lane of traffic directly in front of me. I remember the paramedics like a dream, and my most cognizant memory is waking up in the trauma ward at the hospital. Apparently, I struck the motor vehicle and my body was launched down the highway at said 73 mph. Fortunately, I had recently purchased and was wearing a pair of Bull-It SR6 jeans with gravity knee armor. Everything is intact, though I did get some road rash on the inside of my right knee. Most likely, the jeans got twisted and I lost the effectiveness of the liner. Everywhere else was fine except for the bruising and hyper extensions associated with such a spill. I want to thank Bull-It so much for such an excellent product. It really saved my skin.