Thank you for your time and advice on my recent purchase of your Bull-It Pacific 17 Slim SR6 jeans in size 34 short. I also purchased your phantom knee armour, which fitted perfectly in the knee armour pockets. As per our call today, I had the opportunity to "road test" your jeans as I came off my Triumph Tiger 1050 last night in a 40mph slide, caused by gravel that had been dropped on the road by a truck, which I couldn't avoid. The front wheel of my bike lost traction, and the bike went down on the right side, and I landed on my right hip, right knee and right elbow. I slid for at least 4 seconds on my right side, but I can honestly say your excellent products saved me from serious injury. The triple stitched seams held fast, and the phantom armour took all of the impact when I initially touched down. The denim around the knee eventually wore through, creating a small hole on the knee area, but the covec did its job perfectly, stopping any serious damage to my skin. I am confident that had I been wearing ordinary jeans, the outcome would have been much different, and I wouldn't be walking today. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to anyone, and you have a customer for life.