I purchased these pants for their casual style as I’ve never been much for the leather pants look...and they look great on! Gives a nice sexy shape to the rear end as well..:) Only negative is they are a tad heavy but that's what you get in exchange for protection. A few months ago I hit a deer on a back country road going about 105km/hour at night. I broke my leg. Unfortunately no pants will protect from that kind of impact but regardless I sure was glad I decided to put these pants on that evening. I flew, rolled and slid for what felt like much longer than 6 seconds. I was saved from any major road rash. The only reason I had any at all was because the pant leg rode up on one side, so I had some abrasion on my shin. If the pants would have had stirrup straps or I had them tucked into my boot, I would have had not a scratch on me. The pants stayed in fantastic condition! If it was not for the broken femur and the medical professionals had not had to cut me out of them, they would have been good to ride another day. The pants do exactly what they claim to and are worth the money!! I plan to be riding again and will not go without these pants!