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One Skin – Stealth Slim


The Stealth range is a single layer high performance denim, incorporating Covec yarns into the denim structure itself, a Stealth design, ideal for riding and socialising incognito. Tested to the EN17092 standard the Stealth range achieves the AA rating (75KPH) for abrasion resistance.

The Covec yarn provided in our Stealth jeans offer high performance cut and tear resistance, with low thermal conductivity, reducing the chance of friction burns. Fitted as standard with this high-tech denim, the stealth range comes with CE Level 2 Phantom (7mm thick) super low-profile armour, offering the highest level on impact protection on the market. Phantom armour is extremely flexible providing excellent comfort and flexibility. Our Stealth jeans are finished in a dark blue raw denim.

  • New Covec single layer 12.5oz denim.

  • High performance cut and tear strength, AA abrasion resistance.

  • Lower thermal conductivity, reduces chances of friction burns.

  • CE 1621 Level 2 Phantom armours for hip and knee as standard.

  • Hip and knee armour pockets.

  • Traditional 5 pocket denim jean design.

  • Flat Bull-it logo rivets and buttons

  • Available in Slim