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I purchased these pants for their casual style as I’ve never been much for the leather pants look...and they look great on! Gives a nice sexy shape to the rear end as well..:) Only negative is they are a tad heavy but that's what you get in exchange for protection. A few months ago I hit a deer on a back country road going about 105km/hour at night. I broke my leg. Unfortunately no pants will protect from that kind of impact but regardless I sure was glad I decided to put these pants on that evening. I flew, rolled and slid for what felt like much longer than 6 seconds. I was saved from any major road rash. The only reason I had any at all was because the pant leg rode up on one side, so I had some abrasion on my shin. If the pants would have had stirrup straps or I had them tucked into my boot, I would have had not a scratch on me. The pants stayed in fantastic condition! If it was not for the broken femur and the medical professionals had not had to cut me out of them, they would have been good to ride another day. The pants do exactly what they claim to and are worth the money!! I plan to be riding again and will not go without these pants!

10 Oct 2017 10:36:54 By Lisa Bloxsome Testimonials Reviews

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the quality of you motorbike jeans. My wife bought a pair on the 13May17. On Mothers Day (Australia 14May) my wife came off her bike when exiting a Macca's, onto a highway. She slid for a few metres, but thank goodness she had her Bull-it jeans on. Soft tissue damage only on her knee. The pants still look to be in pretty good condition

22 Sep 2017 11:27:53 By Lisa Bloxsome Testimonials Reviews

I hit a guard rail and my right leg was between the bike and immovable object. My leg lost. Spiral fracture of the tib/fib. Leg was shaped like an S. No pants will prevent that, it was a crushing blow. The pants prevented a compound fracture. 100% of the road rash was prevented. The jeans provided all the protection possible and were in great shape before the paramedics cut them off. They even had to get different scissors to cut through the pants, one layer at a time. I am reordering the pants. The only thing I would change is make the front pockets a little deeper, they are a little too small. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the quality of these pants. All of the medical staff at the hospital thanks you, my whole family thanks you. I was on my feet the day after the accident, surgery the same day. That would not have happened without the protection your jeans provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

13 Sep 2017 09:03:30 By Lisa Bloxsome Testimonials Reviews

Thank you for your time and advice on my recent purchase of your Bull-It Pacific 17 Slim SR6 jeans in size 34 short. I also purchased your phantom knee armour, which fitted perfectly in the knee armour pockets. As per our call today, I had the opportunity to "road test" your jeans as I came off my Triumph Tiger 1050 last night in a 40mph slide, caused by gravel that had been dropped on the road by a truck, which I couldn't avoid. The front wheel of my bike lost traction, and the bike went down on the right side, and I landed on my right hip, right knee and right elbow. I slid for at least 4 seconds on my right side, but I can honestly say your excellent products saved me from serious injury. The triple stitched seams held fast, and the phantom armour took all of the impact when I initially touched down. The denim around the knee eventually wore through, creating a small hole on the knee area, but the covec did its job perfectly, stopping any serious damage to my skin. I am confident that had I been wearing ordinary jeans, the outcome would have been much different, and I wouldn't be walking today. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to anyone, and you have a customer for life.

12 Sep 2017 13:15:24 By Lisa Bloxsome Testimonials Reviews

So, I just got home from spending the last few days in the hospital. Although I'm blacked out as to the events that occurred, from what I understand was that while traveling down I-275 in Detroit at around 73 mph at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, a drunk driver heading in the opposite direction quickly drove through the emergency vehicle turnaround and without stopping, proceeded into my lane of traffic directly in front of me. I remember the paramedics like a dream, and my most cognizant memory is waking up in the trauma ward at the hospital. Apparently, I struck the motor vehicle and my body was launched down the highway at said 73 mph. Fortunately, I had recently purchased and was wearing a pair of Bull-It SR6 jeans with gravity knee armor. Everything is intact, though I did get some road rash on the inside of my right knee. Most likely, the jeans got twisted and I lost the effectiveness of the liner. Everywhere else was fine except for the bruising and hyper extensions associated with such a spill. I want to thank Bull-It so much for such an excellent product. It really saved my skin.

9 Jun 2017 08:10:15 By Lisa Bloxsome Testimonials Reviews

This cargo jean lives up to its style name, the side cargo pockets are positioned for easy access while in riding position.

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7 Dec 2015 09:39:59 By Reviews

Good notes from RiDE Magazine for Bull-it Jeans! A recommendation for the VoloCE jeans FIRST and THIRD in the men's jeans (out of 8) FIRST for the women's jeans (out of 6).

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7 Dec 2015 09:17:44 By RiDE Magazine Bull-it Product Reviews, Reviews

Technical riding jeans maker Bull-it recently reclassified its product range to help customers better understand the level of protection they can expect from Bull-it products

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7 Dec 2015 08:35:13 By BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Bull-it Product Reviews, Reviews

There are a wide variety of motorcycle jeans on the market today, but one of the most interesting comes from across the pond in the U.K. Bull-it Jeans use a material called Covec...

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21 Aug 2015 09:56:00 By Road Runner Magazine Bull-it Product Reviews, Reviews

Bull-it Jeans are the worlds first CE level 2 protection jeans and they come in many styles for both men and women - I have ridden over 5,000 miles...

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12 Jun 2015 10:24:20 By Jimmy & Pat Kay Bull-it Product Reviews, Reviews
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