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Air Flow Suit with protectors (ex back)

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Air Flow Suit with protectors (ex back) XS


Under the remit set by the FIM, Covec has developed a high performance under suit that excels as follows;

•     Impact abrasion resistance exceeding CE 13595-2 Level 1 ALL OVER

•     Low Thermal conductivity, protects the rider from heat transfer burns from exhaust heat or surface friction heat from sliding

•     Ventilated material structure to increase airflow

•     CE 1621 armours as standard for Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Hip and Coccyx (All removable).

•     Memory Elastane materials used in the Back, Elbow, knee, Hip and Coccyx armours moulding to your body shape as you ride.

•     Optional chest protector

•     Absorbs dirt and stones impact at high speed

•     A stretch fit to increase blood flow to muscles and increase personal performance

•     Non Absorbent, promoting wick away properties.

•     Not chemically affected by washing or sweat.

•     Heat resistant to 330 degrees C. (Nylon and Dyneema for example are around 130-150 degrees)

•     Covec impact airflow suit is a ‘Char Former’, this means it is NOT flammable.


To prevent consequential injuries caused by high thermally conductive materials like Nylon, polyester and especially those that use Lycra or Spandex. Coolmesh type materials which provide wick away benefits to low friction sports like athletics are harmful when used in a high friction temperature environment such as high impact friction or any heat transfer incidents.


Body armour suits are normally constructed using Lycra or spandex to provide the rider with comfort, despite the damage they create as they melt, they add no abrasion protection.


In dirt racing, MX, Speedway, Grasstrack, Longtrack, Ovals etc, Leather suits have been discarded in favour of comfortable but low performance suits usually made from Nylon, Polyester or hybrids of the two which include 10-20% only of a high performance yarn which is largely ineffective. Time performance in the CE impact abrasion test are around 1 second, the Covec Impact airflow suit is around 5 times more effective.


The Impact Airflow suit provides unprecedented abrasion protection in a light weight breathable format, on its own offering CE abrasion resistance to level 1, when used with other lightweight racewear can provide level 2 impact abrasion resistance, therefore making the package up to 50% stronger than leather.


Covec’s Impact protectors for all joints increase the overall level of protection equal using the latest impact load spread technology.


The Impact Airflow suit provides a high standard that will when used allow unsuitable products like MX shirts and Polyester / Nylon flat track suits to be used without regulation.

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